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Elemental Natures

Selected Lyrics, Sequences, and Artwork with New Poems and the Essay “The American Voice”

Lee (Homecomings) unites a selection of work from “old favorites” and poems he feels he has “neglected” in this cohesive and lyrical collection. Classic themes—such as love, pain and suffering, and religion—unfold amid vivid word imagery and profound symbolism, enveloping readers in a mix of “self and other, just as the present mixes with the past and any number of hoped-for futures.” Lee provides glimpses of a writer at work through the filter of time in this massive tome, packing a multitude of meaning into dramatic inflection and phrasing while challenging readers to open the wounds caused by being human.

New Poems Section

I have inaugurated a new section, “Poems”, where current work or work of particular interest will be posted time to time. This is inaugurated with poems dealing with the collision of a contemporary sensibility with classical works or sites, including a new version of the end of Homer’s Odyssey, No One Comes for Penelope— , with drawings by Ron Sandford; poems dealing with my interaction with the Rome, Roman Poems, with drawings by Charles Shearer; and poems on Greece: An Incendiary Ground— Encounters with Greece, also with drawings by Ron Sandford. These artists kindly offered interpretative artwork for the poems…

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The new book of poetry by Lance Lee

Announcing a new book, “Homecomings”, my sixth book of poetry.

Just out from Birch Brook Press, it is available on Amazon in the US and UK and other online outlets, and through your local bookstore in both countries.

A poet, playwright, novelist and writer on drama and screenwriting, Lance Lee is the author of thirteen books. A past Creative Writing Fellow of the National Endowment for the Arts, his fourth collection of poetry, Seasons of Defiance, was a finalist in the 2010 National Best Books Awards. Homecomings, his sixth collection, reinforces his considerable achievement as a poet. In Seasons of Defiance, he had written: “There is nothing left for me to do but go/ deeper, ever deeper, into my meaning.” (“Dreaming The End of Going West”). That is what he does in Homecomings, his passion and compassion in engaging with a panoramic range of experiences deepened. He writes with conviction: “I see all there is, and all a man may see.”

Homecoming Review

Lance Lee's poetry is splendidly averse to fashions. His poems cascade down the page; there is a combination of emotions, anguish, disappointment, sometimes also ecstasy and the discovery of the self through the other, the shared experience. These poems read easily, but they are also dense in meaning, so the reader returns to them. With its brooding quality and lyric descriptions of mountains, sea, and forest, Lee's work is poetry en plain air. It stays with you, because it also asks difficult, existential questions, the ones that are of our time but are also universal.

Enjoy Ron Sandford's brilliant artwork accompanying the sequence "An Incendiary Ground— Encounters With Greece”

Donald Gardener

Book review from ICONOCLAST #112

Change is an illusion…

Nearly all the themes in Mr. Lee’s work come down to the relationship of the human world to the natural. Other than our penchant for inflicting damage upon it, nature is indifferent to humanity. We are left with the conundrum of knowing we are inescapably a part of nature and yet, with consciousness, it is all in our heads. That is a curse and blessing, an inspiration and impairment. For this poet wishes, “to balance passion with reason, desire with desire’s loss.”

Phil Wagner

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The new book of poetry by Lance Lee

Lee’s writing, passionate and with a strong sense of the physical, is outstanding for its investigation of the human and natural world and the connections he often makes between the two. Particularly moving in this book is his imaginative and thoughtful search into the human predicament. Work by different artists complements the selection which is very appropriate as the visual is important to this poet and many of the poems take inspiration from paintings or other art forms.

Myra Schneider, UK

New eBooks!

Six books are now in eBook format: Becoming Human, Human/Nature, and Seasons of Discontent, my most recent poetry; Second Chances, a novel, Time's Up and Other Plays, and the popular A Poetics for Screenwriters. It will be interesting if their availability through the various Kindle stores, or iBooks, Nook or other outlets increases their reach-- it is a transitional age for writers reaching their reading audience. Also three novels of my father, David Levy, that I saw reprinted, have also made it to eBook format, and are similarly available: Network Jungle, about an early sex and violence scandal on TV, Potomac Jungle, a political piece, and The Gods of Foxcroft, an early, and prescient, sci fi work on cloning and rebirth...

“Human/Nature” is now available in electronic form on Kindle.

Seasons of Defiance named finalist in the 2010 National USA Book Awards

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Seasons of Defiance

The new book of poetry by Lance Lee

Unashamedly post-Keatsian in tone, transatlantic in bias, Lee’s strongest strain of originality lies in his marrying of lyric celebration with precise imagistic clarity; there’s the Hughsian fascination with animal forms, both real and metaphorical; there’s the packed line, the lush diction, the muted experimentation and the force of a restlessness that sustains the tempo.

Tim Liardet, author, The Blood Choir