Death and Life of Drama cover

The Death & Life of Drama

Pub. 2005

This is an intelligent, practical, and interesting study of the screenwriting art and craft. Lee's explorations into underlying philosophy and the psychological intricacies of character behavior and story consequences are so well developed they could easily be taken as case histories of real people and real events.More Reviews...

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The American Voice cover

The American Voice

An Essay - 2005

"We have been on the wrong path in America for a long time in appreciating the real nature of the American Voice, a misunderstanding abetted by the unfortunate connection of American poets and poetry with the American university where one false vision after another sweeps over the country with each critical craze. But we can sweep away this nonsense if we look at three iconic poets in their own time, Walt Whitman, Robinson Jeffers, and Robert Lowell."

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A Poetics for Screenwriters cover

A Poetics for Screenwriters

Pub. 2001

This is a brilliant, all-encompassing work. I cannot recall a book on screenwriting which delves so deeply into the art and antecedents of screenwriting. Aristotle himself would, no doubt, congratulate Lance Lee. However, without waiting for the great Greek's response, put me down as 'Bravo'! - William FrougMore Reviews...

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On The Waterfront cover

On The Waterfront

(essays, includes essay On The Waterfront, Script Analysis Conventional and Unconventional)

Pub. 2003

Included are essays specially commissioned for this volume, analyzing the screenplay, Kazan as director, Schulberg as screenplay writer, the score by Leonard Bernstein, and the reception of the film in classrooms. Collectively they demonstrate how and why this film has been an enduring favorite among cineastes and movie buffs alike.

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Understructure of Writing

The Understructure of Writing for Film and Television

Pub. 1988

[This] book is written out of first hand experience; the words of an old pro. It sticks to practical reality without smothering the quest for creativity with arbitrary rules; the authors respect the artist as well as the craftsman. I recommend it without reservation. - Frank PiersonMore Reviews...

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