Times Up cover

Time's Up & Other Plays

This collection includes Rasputin, Time's Up, Gambits, and Fox, Hound, & Huntress

Pub. 2001

Lance Lee's plays explore the moral dilemmas we face creating lives of coherence and value today with a poetic intensity that transforms theatrical practice.

In Time's Up a man and a woman treat the audience as their marriage counselors as they face the world nakedly.

The last fox turns the tables on a sex queen huntress and her slavish hound to survive as an individual in Fox, Hound, & Huntress. A thinker commits suicide in Gambits, while a veteran fire fighter confronts the same millennial emptiness saving anything that comes his way, including the man's young wife from a murder charge.

Rasputin is a Socratic demi-urge whose drive for self realization destroys Russia and opens the door to its greatest modern disaster.

Some of these started at the Eugene Neill Memorial Theatre National Playwrights Conference or through support from the Rockefeller Foundation through the Office for Advanced Drama Research: both Fox, Hound, & Huntress and Time's Up are included here from earlier publications.More Reviews...

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Times Up cover

Time's Up

Pub. 1976

A tour de force interweaving two syncopated monologues through seven scenes in the adjoining offices of two marriage counselors at a crisis center. They are interwoven so cleverly that you can see the similarities of the two characters' problems, yet you are listening to two separate stories. Lee's insight into marriage ... is brilliant.

DramalogueMore Reviews...

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Playwrites for Tomorrow

Playwrights for Tomorrow, Vol. 10

Pub. 1973

Fox, Hound, & Huntress - Odyssey Theater Staging ‘Triad’ by Lawrence Christon, Los Angeles Herald Examiner

A monologue by the last fox on earth begins “Fox, Hound, & Huntress” by Lance Lee, the first of three one-act plays being present Sunday nights by the Odyssey Theatre ensemble under the title “triad.”More Reviews...

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