Lance Lee

Poet, Playwright, Novelist

Book covers
Book covers


Four current existential poems on life and the world

just out or forthcoming online in Ink Sweat & Tears (UK), Streetlight (US), and shortly in print in POEM (US).
  1. Wings – Streetlight (US)
  2. History – Ink, Sweat & Tears (UK)
  3. Long Night – Streetlight (US)
  4. Contradictions – Streetlight (US)

I thought some of you might be interested to see these three sequences dealing with my encounters with Rome and Greece, a contemporary sensibility colliding with the remnant as well as enduring ancient, classical experience. No One Comes for Penelope— retells the end of the Odyssey with a similar collision between contemporary and ancient, as it unfolds in a modern asylum by the end of which it may be the modern asylum seems the fantasy, the ancient story the reality… There is a constant tug between realities ‘reported’ and ‘imagined’; at times the imagined is the more convincing, at others the reported. I leave it to you to make your own judgement here.

Ron Sandford did the illustrations for No One Comes for Penelope— and for the Greek Sequence, An Incendiary Ground— Encounters with Greece; Charles Shearer did those for the Roman Poems. Both No One Comes for Penelope— and the Roman Poems appeared in Transformations, which combines poems with interpretative artwork by a number of American and British artists, and makes for an unusual book in that respect alone. An Incendiary Ground… appeared in Homecomings.

Noone Comes for Penelope artwork

No One Comes for Penelope

with drawings by Ron Sandford
  1. The Wayfarer
  2. The Raveled Woman, Earlier
  3. The Battered Man
  4. Dreams
  5. Collision
  6. Find Me
  7. The Shadow And The Son
  8. The Way Home

Cypresses artwork

An Incendiary Ground — Encounters with Greece

with drawings by Ron Sandford
  1. The Cypresses of Athens
  2. Insistent on Yellow By the Theatre of Dionysos, or Visions
  3. My Father’s Shade at Delphi At the World’s Center Amid the Ruins Above The Olive-Swaddled Valleys
  4. The Bees of Mt. Hymettus
  5. Who is Glaring at Me? The Gross, Perfect 8500 Year Old Venus of the Benaki Museum in Athens
  6. Absence in Ithaka

Tivoli artwork

Roman Poems

with drawings by Charles Shearer
  1. River of Flesh
  2. Bernini Defends His Ecstasy of St. Theresa
  3. Against Charges Of Carnality
  4. Graffiti In The Underworld
  5. Giordano Bruno Steps Down From His Pedestal In The Heat
  6. Tivoli