Homecomings cover


Pub. 2015, US; 2015, UK

Lance Lee's poetry is splendidly averse to fashions. His poems cascade down the page; there is a combination of emotions, anguish, disappointment, sometimes also ecstasy and the discovery of the self through the other, the shared experience. These poems read easily, but they are also dense in meaning, so the reader returns to them. With its brooding quality and lyric descriptions of mountains, sea, and forest, Lee's work is poetry en plain air. It stays with you, because it also asks difficult, existential questions, the ones that are of our time but are also universal.
Donald GardnerMore Reviews...

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Transformations cover


Pub. 2012, US; 2012, UK

Lee’s writing, passionate and with a strong sense of the physical, is outstanding for its investigation of the human and natural world and the connections he often makes between the two. Particularly moving in this book is his imaginative and thoughtful search into the human predicament. Work by different artists complements the selection which is very appropriate as the visual is important to this poet and many of the poems take inspiration from paintings or other art forms.
Myra Schneider, UK More Reviews...

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Seasons of Defiance cover

Seasons of Defiance

Pub. 2009, US; 2010, UK

Unashamedly post-Keatsian in tone, transatlantic in bias, Lee’s strongest strain of originality lies in his marrying of lyric celebration with precise imagistic clarity; there’s the Hughsian fascination with animal forms, both real and metaphorical; there’s the packed line, the lush diction, the muted experimentation and the force of a restlessness that sustains the tempo.
Tim Liardet, author, The Blood ChoirMore Reviews...

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Human Nature cover


Pub. 2006

The breadth and depth of Lance Lee's poetry is evidenced here by its sharp-etched imagery and far-reaching perspectives: stunning poems about his psychological connections to artists and historical figures such as Rembrandt and Hannibal, and others which draw upon mythological stalwarts such as Orpheus and Eurydice. More Reviews...

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Becoming Human cover

Becoming Human

Pub. 2001

This poetry is addressed elementally to its title theme — becoming (and remaining) human. It is poetry unabashed by sensuality and feeling, by declaring authorship of them, by setting ‘beauty’ as the prima materia of the work of poetry, by insisting on the profound and writing it large and with intensity.Judy Gahagan, AMBIT More Reviews...

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Wrestling with The Angel cover

Wrestling with The Angel

Pub. 1990

In Genesis, Jacob wrestles with an angel, defeats it, and forces it to bless his life. In Lance Lee’s Wrestling With The Angel, a man wrestles with life itself, trying to make it give him “some living moment” that will transform him so he no longer hears in the heart of everything — daily routine, work, even passion — the hollow sound of silence.More Reviews...

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